27 Feb 2019

Power, cooling, heating, battery storage, when you need it, where you need it.

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Up to 40% of a data centers facility’s operational cost (OPEX) is required to cover the cost of power and temperature control. With such a rapidly growing industry, energy companies and district network operators are struggling to not only meet the demands of distribution, but also production. This is where Aggreko can help, with our extensive fleet of diesel and Next Generation Gas (NGG) generators, we can provide power to your site from the construction phase all the way through to completion, providing prime power indefinitely - or until your long-awaited grid connection arrives.

As part of our turnkey package, we provide heat load equipment, temperature and humidity dataloggers and the final test documents. If additional power is needed we can also install temporary generators to prevent blackouts, power disruption and avoidable re-testing. up or down whenever needed.

We stock over 10 MW of heat load equipment within our European fleet, specifically for data centre applications. This allows us to use the most suitable method for your situation, from water-cooled loadbanks, to aircooled server emulators, starting from 2 kW up to 200 kW mobile units.

We’ll take care of the entire testing process, from test design, through to implementation and final documentation, giving you one point of contact for your

We work with some of the biggest companies in the industry for a reason – they know we provide reliable power, heating and cooling. We tailor our solutions to fit your demands too, and our mobile, modular equipment can be installed quickly to make sure you make your deadlines. We adapt to varying conditions and demands with our wide range of equipment and staff on site.

Aggreko offers these cost-effective power solutions on the base of diesel, gas, hybrid power for wind farms, manufacturing, events, data centers, forestry, agriculture sectors in the country, as well as efficient heating and cooling systems for all buildings and equipment for utilities that prevents blackouts. Our modular solutions are aimed to allow electrical power producers and power intensive industries work to ensure reliable power supplies for clients or business processes.

Aggreko equipment is not for sale, and, therefore, there is no need to secure funding for long-term investments through loans or withdrawal of funds from your turnover. Amounts paid for equipment rental or kilowatt-hours are deductible costs because they are operational, non-taxable expenses.

Aggreko design and produce diesel, gasand hybrid projects. Our equipment has also proven its reliability during emergencies such as blackout at Fucusima. While many companies offer generators as an extra service, Aggreko regards renting as a business model. This means our equipment relocates to, and operates in, various climatic conditions, and its design focuses on mobility, modularity, and is simple to connect.

We’re building a robust pipeline of hybrid projects as we work with customers to reduce power costs and environmental footprint, while ensuring energy security and stability of supply to meet long-term commercial objectives.

To help ensure a smooth running wind farm, we offer environmental control packages for blade remediation. We tailor these packages to meet customer’s specific regional and seasonal requirements for managing temperature and dehumidification during blade repair. We also provide power, heating and cooling solutions during planned utility outages and tower maintenance.

Power, cooling, heating, battery storage, when you need it, where you need it. We’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly assist - even if your site is tucked away in the remotest location.