09 Oct 2019

Going for Gold-Delivering Events of Scale

Athletics in action
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    Dan Betts

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On Wednesday 9th October, Aggreko CEO Chris Weston and Robert Wells, Managing Director, Aggreko Events Services, hosted a breakfast briefing for investors which lifted the lid on how we deliver events of scale, and put a spotlight on our contract to provide energy services for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Globally, the demand for power is growing by the day and shows no sign of slowing down. The UN predicts that the global population could grow to 9.7billion by 2050. That’s an additional two billion people who will need access to power as well as everything else that’s needed to support communities, from natural resources to housing, all of which require energy. Modern life is dependent on access to power and as technology advances, the demand will only increase.

This will impact every sector – and events are no exception. Younger audiences are spending more time and money on experiences than the generations that came before them and as a result, the scale of events have skyrocketed in recent years.

A total of 7 million tickets were sold for the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, whereas the International Olympic Committee (IOC) predicts that up to 10.3 million tickets will be sold for Tokyo 2020. With the first sale of domestic tickets being oversubscribed by more than 100%, early indications suggest that the sales could even exceed these expectations. Meanwhile global TV audiences have increased dramatically, and with the eyes of the world on firmly on the Olympic Games, it raises the stakes.

This popularity has a direct impact on the infrastructure needed to support an event on the scale of the Olympics, particularly the need for reliable, flexible power. Reliability is the key term here to ensure spectators in the stadiums and at home can enjoy the Games without interruption.

Tokyo 2020 will be the largest and most complex event we’ve undertaken but with decades of experience delivering major projects around the world, we’ve developed our own playbook of how to deliver these projects safely and efficiently.

Aggreko will be designing, installing and operating the temporary energy solutions required to support 44 competition venues, the International Broadcast Centre and the Athlete’s Village on behalf of TOCOG, ensuring a reliable and successful event across both the Olympics and Paralympics.

The scope of services that we are undertaking in Japan will be some of the most comprehensive and complex that we have ever delivered. For the first time on an Olympic project Aggreko will be responsible for the medium and low voltage supply as well as different voltages to meet the needs of global audiences attending from Japan, Europe and the Americas.

Using our own design software, we are able to provide the client with real-time information as the project evolves and on the equipment required, which currently stands at 100 MW of power, 5,400 distribution panels, 2,800 transformers and 2,500km of cable which is enough to stretch from London to Moscow.

As soon as we were awarded the contract in December 2018, we moved rapidly to put a team in place on the ground. And we had been talking to the client about their expectations and requirement since 2015.

Our decades of experience and track record in delivering events on a global scale means we have been able to develop both the skills and the capabilities of our people and the operation playbook to deliver contracts of any size, on time and within budget.

Aggreko’s modular approach means we are well positioned to provide solutions for projects of any scale, whether that’s to power the Olympics in Tokyo, a remote mine in West Africa or a construction site in central Manhattan. 

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