24 Jul 2020

Aggreko presented methods for process improvement in petrochemistry

Aggreko webinar
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Aggreko presented methods for process improvement in petrochemistry

On the 23rd of June, Aggreko experts reported on the best practices of plants performance optimisation both from technological and financial points of view during a webinar "Non-Standard Methods for Process Improvement in Petrochemistry". The event involved more than 100 people - representatives of leading petrochemical companies of CIS countries.

The company experts shared their experience in implementation of process optimisation projects gained during 29 years of cooperation with leading petrochemical plants all over the world in the following fields:

  • Process optimisation, including elimination of temporary process restrictions, improvement and preservation of production output, product quality preservation;
  • Solving of budgeting issues and execution of pilot projects for exact selection of equipment required;
  • Assistance in arrangement and execution of overhauls, as well as solutions to prevent downtimes during overhaul;
  • Maintaining the plant everyday needs due to availability of a wide range of equipment and local fleet, and remote monitoring;
  • Production support during emergency repair, including replacement of ineffective and unreliable equipment with Aggreko equipment.

Company speaker Begench Turayev, Senior Manager for Business Development, presented examples based on the company's practice showing the Process Optimisation Service assistance to the clients in prompt elimination of equipment malfunctions and avoidance of downtime, further equipment damage, and financial losses for the plants.

The webinar participants were highly interested in the company's cases and received answers to their follow-up questions on the project details, approval documentation matters, and solutions for other industries, such as polypropylene and polyethylene production.

In case you also wish to improve your plant efficiency, reduce overhaul duration, time and frequency of repairs, please call us +7 771 599 85 27 or e-mail your request to SalesSupport.Eurasia@aggreko.com.