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Aggreko offers reliable and economical power generation solutions for rent. It has a wide range of rental generators and electrical distribution equipment. From small, temporary power solutions for individual buildings to to megawatt solutions for regional power systems, we can supply uninterrupted power as your business continues to grow.


Aggreko is a world leader in ready-made solutions for temporary power supply using diesel- or gas-fuelled power units, as well as in temperature control solutions.

Our company has been operating in the Russian temporary power supply market since 2008. It has successfully collaborated with enterprises in various industries such as oil and gas, cement, glass, food processing, mining, etc. We also actively supply power to urban facilities such as stadiums, hospitals, banks and housing, in the form of backup, emergency and main power supply.

In 2014, Aggreko built a production facility in Tyumen similar to the service and repair centers that can be found in Scotland, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Panama, and the Netherlands. The center performs up to 50 repairs to equipment per year and provides a complete range of customer services. The service center supplies equipment to customers throughout Eurasia.

Diesel generator rentals

Renting mobile power generation units effectively solves a wide range of business problems for enterprises in a wide variety of industries, from oil production to renewable energy and energy storage. Customers can choose to rent power generators as primary, backup or emergency power sources.

Our equipment is designed and produced by the company's specialists in Dumbarton, Scotland. The machines are assembled in-house and meet international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Every generator goes through the required certification process, which guarantees that the machine is in strict compliance with international safety standards. If necessary, individual machines can be developed in accordance with the customer's fuel and power requirements.



Diesel generator rentals

Aggreko's customers can rent diesel generators from 30 to 1,500 kW. Aggreko's diesel generators of various capacities are perfect for restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, and grocery stores, as well as for the development of hydrocarbon deposits and the mining of mineral deposits, providing a reliable and uninterrupted supply of power.

Diesel generator rentals

Aggreko's diesel generators can work in temperatures as low as -45°C when containerized. Noise canceling cases or containers keep noise to a low noise during installation and are absolutely safe during assembly and operation. Aggreko's diesel generator system controls overheating and voltage fluctuations and allows the customer's engineers to control the switchgears so that the necessary power is supplied in the event of a change of load. Aggreko's built-in system enables the customer to reduce the power of the unit depending on need, while maintaining high generator efficiency and reducing fuel consumption, which lowers the operating costs of equipment maintenance.



What are the benefits of renting equipment from Aggreko?

  • The highest level of flexibility, mobility and scalability. Aggreko offers a proprietary modular power unit which can meet your exact requirements while allowing you to increase or to reduce capacity throughout the life of your project.<
  • Guaranteed high level of service in the shortest possible time, from delivery to deactivation of the equipment. Aggreko guarantees a reliable and uninterrupted supply of power throughout the project implementation period in accordance with your capacity requirements. We guarantee the fastest possible delivery, set-up, installation and start-up of the power unit thanks to the availability of our equipment, its mobility, and the availability of a sufficient number of highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in implementing projects around the world.
  • No capital construction costs with minimal risk. Aggreko's temporary solutions improve productive efficiency without the need for replacement equipment or capital expenditure on the part of the customer. They also enable continuous modernization in accordance with the organisation's changing needs. Our equipment is available for rent. If necessary, rental solutions can be supplemented with round-the-clock support from the qualified technical staff of Aggreko.

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