Electrical distribution rentals



Electrical distribution equipment available to rent

Transformer rentals

Our specially designed transformers are weatherproof and are connected and sealed to meet the most stringent requirements of any industry.  Low-voltage and high-voltage modifications of these mobile transformers are available in sizes of up to 6,250 kVA.   

Control panel rentals

Our rental control panels have socket connectors protected by RCDs (protection from earth fault currents).  Weatherproof panels are designed to be moved on wheeled loading machines and are equipped with eye-rings.  Depending on the model, panels are equipped with quick connecting joints such as camlocks and/or twistlocks and have a typical dimension of between 100 and 2,000 А for power units and disconnectors.

Rental LV switchboard distribution and control

Rental LV switchboard distribution and control for 2,000 and 3,000 А allow you to connect drectly to the power system.  Their small size means they can be installed in control panels and tight spaces.  The panel section has an I-line design which enables easy access to breakers and switches.  Available with input and output terminals and robust housing with slots for forklifts.

Aggreko takes great care to ensure that its mobile power supply systems meet the strict requirements of our customers for reliable and high-performance rental equipment. Our rental electrical distribution equipment, including circuit breakers, switchgears, load panels, control panels and transformers, are ideal for use with Aggreko's rental generators.

Aggreko can design and implement a complete dispatch center which can manage all of your power needs efficiently and effectively.

Our affordable rental distribution equipment is compliant with all of the main industrial standards, is UL approved and has a NEMA 3R rating.

To rent equipment, call us on +380 50 277 99 09  or send an email to ukraine@aggreko.com.


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