Africa Energy Forum 2018

Aggreko will be attending the Africa Energy Forum 2018

The 2018 Africa Energy Forum is taking place from 19-22 June in Mauritius – and we will be at Stand 41 to discuss and showcase our wealth of experience in providing mobile, modular power, heating and cooling.

This year, the flagship event for the African utility sector is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

At this important point, the conference is a rare moment for governments, energy markets and industry leaders to come together and explore the opportunities and challenges across this exciting and fast-changing continent.

As Africa looks to bridge the power gap at the lowest possible cost, a number of themes emerge.

Our CEO, Chris Weston, will be joined by a number of senior executives and experts to add Aggreko’s voice to these important debates:

  • Tuesday 19 June (0945-0950) Keynote speech – Chris Weston, CEO
  • Wednesday 20 June (0900-1015) Seminar: 20 years of innovative projects in Africa – Brano Kollar, Area General Manager – South & East Africa
  • Wednesday 20 June(1045-1145)  Panel: North and West Africa Regional Focus – Stephane Le Corre, Director of Strategy and Business Development
  • Thursday 21 June (1530-1630) Panel: The Race to Solar Power Africa Off the Grid – Allan Fairbairn, Area General Manager, West and Central Africa

This will include:

The focus on the development of renewables over the last six years, the move towards decentralised local energy sources and microgrids, as well as the increasingly innovative deployment of thermal energy.


Africa has a bright energy future, but providing power is a unique challenge.

Since Aggreko was founded over 50 years ago, we’ve been developing innovative solutions for emerging markets. In Africa, where we have focused for over 20 years, power plays a critical role in helping countries to industrialise and enhance living standards.

Since 2012, the pace of electrification on the continent has nearly tripled, relative to the rate between 2000 and 2012. But challenges persist, and there are big issues the industry collectively needs to address.

We know the energy industry across Africa will never stop moving. So our team will be there to discuss how mobile, modular equipment and reliable power solutions can help shape a new future, and to share our deep sector knowledge with businesses of all sizes.

Our commitment to developing and hiring from the local community and our stringent QHSE standards will also be up for discussions, as well as our integrated Solar-Diesel Hybrid solutions and optimised NGG and HFO power plants.

Be sure to stop by Stand 41 to speak to our team about this or any other questions you have.

We are proud of the service we provide round the world, and Africa is no exception. No one yet knows exactly what the new energy world will look like, so we are striving to make sure it’s a cleaner, easier one.

But wherever it takes us, the ability to provide power, heating and cooling will continue to open up opportunity and create potential for individuals, communities, industries and societies all over the world, especially in Africa.

Together and over time, we believe our services make a massive difference.

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