30 Jan 2019

Cut your capex with Aggreko!

Aggreko generator
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Aggreko knows an uninterrupted power supply is essential for plants and their production cycle. For any project, wherever it is, it is critical to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity to make sure production does not come to a halt due to a power outage. That’s why plants need to be assured of continuous reliable power supply via a partner they can rely on.

Aggreko is ready to help: whether you’re scheduling a maintenance program, are hit by an emergency outage, or find that existing capacities can’t cope with demand – with our worldclass expertise and extensive rental fleet we’ll find ways to keep your production running and your efficiency maximised.

Our experts are able to provide and secure power for various types of demand and markets, like utilities, manufacturing, facilities management, events etc. From supplying complementary power for unreliable grids to providing multi-megawatt power projects in remote areas, Aggreko power plant is the solution to keep your power supply secure and your business up and running.

Summer weather conditions also drive increased demand for electricity, primariliy to power air conditioning units and irrigation systems. As demand swells during the summer months, market prices also rise. The unpredictable nature of year-to-year weather conditions leads to volatile prices in the electricity generation market, particularly during the summer months when increases in demand and decreases in supply make significant upward momentum.

To address this, Aggreko provides various generators, transformers, temperature control equipment, including heaters and chillers, to meet the temporary power and temperature control demand. Our efficient and low-emission equipment can be used stand-alone or combined in modular systems from 30 KVA to 1500 kVA and above during peak periods of power demand. The control system of Aggreko equipment provides 24/7 remote monitoring and fully automated synchronisation between the generators or with the grid for peak shaving.

Our business model offers you more financial flexibility than outright equipment purchase and allows capacity to be quickly adapted to changes. Our solutions match power to the changing needs of your production life cycle and adaptable services let you minimize capital expenditure and optimize operational expenditure during peak seasons.

We’re partners with manufacturers across the globe, including steel plants, ceramics producers, plastics manufacturers and paper mills. And we’re constantly finding solutions to overcome their capacity constraints or avoid unnecessary downtime.

Power, cooling, heating and battery storage solutions when you need it, where you need it. We’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly assist you - even if your site is tucked away in the remotest location.