12 Feb 2019

Fully flexible power packages for every stage of the mine lifecycle.

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Mining companies worldwide trust Aggreko with their power generation needs. Aggreko provides fully flexible power packages for every stage of the mine lifecycle, from project planning and construction, through to commissioning, production, expansion and eventual ramp-down.

As the context and landscape of the mining industry changes, so the power challenges the sector is facing evolve. The challenges vary by site, but the most complex mines have three things in common: remote locations, testing weather conditions and reduced access to capital expenditure. As the industry becomes more reactive, so a flexible power supply becomes of increased importance.

Despite the downward pressure on commodity prices, miners are seeking out resources in remote locations. Grid connection becomes either impossible or expensive, leading to the need for greater power flexibility.

Three things are especially important in the current climate: choice, variety and the ability to change. Aggreko has worked hard to ensure that it can provide power anywhere, anytime; to scale solutions up or down according to the need and to provide mines with a comprehensive range in power options.

Allied to flexibility is mobility. Mobile solutions allow mining projects to have access to the power they need, as they need it. One month the need could be 20MW, the next month that need may decrease to 15MW. With overhead costs being a major concern for miners, having scalable solutions is key to demonstrating optimal operational efficiency to investors. Being mobile is vital in modern mining.

The major benefit of flexibility and mobility is avoiding capital expenditure - CAPEX. Mining businesses see power equipment and infrastructure as an expensive outlay. Capital expenditure alone can present long-term risks, the unpredictability of climate change means that mines face a greater threat to economic security.

Power specialist companies such as Aggreko can design bespoke solutions for their mining customers, to suit their individual needs, and work with them more as a strategic partner than anything else. Mine operators traditionally seek out interim or operational solutions to power issues – but increasingly there is also high demand for emergency or standby process power solutions. These can lead to longer-term power contracts, where companies are seeking a guaranteed supply of power over a mine’s lifecycle.

With more than 50 years' unrivalled engineering experience in design, manufacturing, operating and maintaining the world's largest purpose-built generator rental fleet, our expert advice and tailored solutions reduce risk and serve our customers in mining with the following applications:

power during mine construction;

• power where grid supply is unavailable or unreliable;

• early power before grid supply or main power plant is installed;

• supplemental power during upgrade/ expansion of mine;

• emergency breakdown coverage.

We’re partners with mining producers across the globe and we’re constantly finding solutions to overcome their capacity constraints or avoid unnecessary downtime.