31 Jan 2019

Power, cooling, heating, battery storage, when you need it, where you need it.

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Aggreko offers more cost-effective power for manufacturing, event, mining sectors in the country, efficient heating and cooling systems for all buildings and equipment for utilities that prevents blackouts. Our modular solutions are aimed to allow electrical power producers and power intensive industries work to ensure reliable power supplies for clients or business processes.

We know that during the peak periods of power demand, utility companies cannot always generate sufficient power. Each year at least 1500 settlements across the country are left without electricity due to the safety power transmission line system actuation as a result of the deterioration of weather conditions (heavy snow and gusts of wind). The costs of any power outage take various forms, including lost economic output and lost wages, damaged inventory, delayed production, and damage to the grid and infrastructure, among other factors. The blackout can last from an hour to several days, completely shutting down production at plants and critical infrastructures such as telecommunication networks, financial services, water supplies and hospitals, disrupting the lives of millions.

To address this, Aggreko provides various generators, transformers, loadbanks and temperature control equipment to meet the temporary power demand. Our fuel efficient and low-emission equipment can be used stand-alone or combined in modular systems from 30 kVA to 1500 kVA and above. Aggreko makes sure your business is prepared for any blackout by providing fast and flexible solutions during sudden power blackouts.

Aggreko equipment is not for sale, and, therefore, there is no need to secure funding for long-term investments through loans or withdrawal of funds from your turnover. Amounts paid for equipment rental or kilowatt-hours are deductible costs because they are operational, non-taxable expenses.

Aggreko design and produce diesel, gas and hybrid projects. Our equipment has also proven its reliability during emergencies such as blackout at Fucusima. While many companies offer generators as an extra service, Aggreko regards renting as a business model. This means our equipment relocates to, and operates in, various climatic conditions, and its design focuses on mobility, modularity, and is simple to connect.

Power, cooling, heating, battery storage, when you need it, where you need it. We’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly assist - even if your site is tucked away in the remotest location.