12 Feb 2019

Aggreko solutions for wind farms.

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It takes power to make power. Aggreko has combined its mobile, modular power solutions into a one-stop option for the wind industry letting the developers and operators of wind farms to choose.

While under construction, offshore wind farms need standby power from auxiliary generators for a range of functions. When provided reliably, the construction project is more likely to be completed on time. 

To keep up with the ambitious growth trajectory, the size of wind turbines is also growing. So, engineers are turning to more powerful temporary generators to start the larger wind turbine, as well as to assist the entire lifecycle of the wind farm from construction to commissioning. 

Whether it is powering the construction trailers or commissioning wind turbines, temporary power can modify as wind farms evolve. Aggreko power has the flexibility to scale up or down to the specific needs of the project. For example, one wind farm developer uses two 1500kW generators during the day to power an onshore wind substation then scales down to one generator in the evening when less power is required, saving the energy costs.

Not only is the temporary power scalable, but the generators are also lightweight and durable, which is vital for offshore wind farms. Recently, 30kW Aggreko generators were installed on a man-access platform and charged by a wind turbine to power the electrical equipment during the offshore wind construction phase. Since these generators weigh less than a ton, they can be lifted off by a davit crane without requiring a large vessel for the installation.

Aggreko plays a pivotal role in wind farm commissioning in remote areas. Off-grid generators and load banks allow commissioning turbines before connection to the power grid, avoiding commissioning delays. Another example - a 33 kV high-voltage power generation and load bank package was installed at one wind farm’s main substation so comprehensive testing could begin – not just on the turbines but also on all high-voltage gear. Because the wind farm developer could test multiple turbines at once, the commissioning process sped up. The time saved allowed wind farm owner to meet its commercial operation date and to realize the tax incentives and credits available once the wind energy system was fully operational. 

Once operating, wind farms must have contingency plans that enable fast response to power outages. Quickly restoring power with backup or emergency power system is the best way to avoid business disruptions and protect equipment. One capability that has benefitted wind farm power plants is the installation of embedded generators for turbines and substations. With unique designs and rental models available, they can significantly reduce the lifetime cost of an outage. The capabilities of such generators continue to expand as the industry trends change.

In conclusion, Aggreko temporary power keeps wind farms generating power. Aggreko generators power the larger wind turbines coming to market, provide off-grid power to remote areas, scale up or down as the project progresses, as well as support operations and maintenance to make sure production is steady. The benefits of temporary power also apply to other renewable energy sources such as solar, as the pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures are similar to wind energy.

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