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Behind Every Success Story, there's Aggreko

Behind every success story

Will anyone remember this year’s annual convention, or the big game, or when we built the new power plant? No, they only see the sparkling, successful finale.

The end result. Everyone walked away happy. But the smart folks know what really happened. It took courage, sweat, expertise, and thoughtful planning for everything to go just right. The lights, air conditioning, air compressors, and other equipment worked perfectly. That was not an accident.

Behind every success story. There’s Aggreko.

To guarantee every project's success 24/7, we use our remote monitoring service to anticipate problems and help you stay ahead of the game – meaning you get the best from both our people and our equipment. 

We can see how to improve fuel and equipment efficiency, respond to changes in demand and take immediate action if something breaks. All of this helps you to work more efficiently, manage your costs and stay safe.

Also, we’re ready to respond to emergencies of all sizes. From providing dehumidification solutions after a flood to restoring power to entire communities after a natural disaster.

We have the world’s largest fleet of temporary generators, HVACs and dehumidifiers. This means we can help you recover from a power failure within hours of an outage – even if you’re in a remote location.

Whatever your emergency, we can take control of things, meaning you can get back to business as usual.


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