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Client New construction contractor

Location Manitoba, Canada

Sectors Construction

The challenge

Providing reliable heat to cure concrete in the winter

A Manitoba car dealership needed a heating solution to cure concrete in winter ambient conditions as low as -40°F. In a concrete curing schedule, 60°F must be maintained regardless of freezing temperatures.

During winter, the challenge to quality management of poured concrete throughout a typical 14-to-21 day curing process benefits from fuel efficient ground heater technology capable of continuous operation.


Project fact file

-40° F

Ambient outdoor temperatures

60° F

Required temperature for concrete pouring


Reliability from Aggreko

The solution

Fuel efficient boilers get the job done and provide savings

To help reduce fuel consumption, we heated the concrete using expendable heat transfer tubes embedded in the concrete pours. A propane fired boiler was found to be the most fuel-efficient system with minimal power draw while connected to a grid of tubing spaced 30 to 45 cm (1 to 1.5 ft) apart ensuring uniform heating of the poured concrete in a confined area. Depending upon the specifications of the concrete batch, cured concrete surfaces are typically covered by insulation tarps.


The Aggreko difference

We partner with our clients and include them in pre-planning and equipment setup and removal, ensuring best practices are followed throughout the project

The impact

Keeping projects on track at any time of the year

The project was kept on time and under budget. Utilization of a propane fired boiler provided the consistent heat required to complete this project while providing significant cost savings through fuel consumption.

Our Safety for Life mentality trickled down to other vendors on site, encouraging them to become more safety conscious. In fact, the customer enforced our safety practices to other vendors working on the jobsite.


“Getting the right equipment online within tight budgets and deadlines is essential for the construction industry. Delivering under pressure is what we do best.” 

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