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Client Site mechanical operator

Location Ohio, USA

Sectors Contracting

The challenge

Handle high pressure for a high-rise chiller

A 32-storey building in Ohio was about to have its chiller upgraded when the unit on the 29th floor failed. The site manager called us to see if we could deliver a temporary chiller. It seemed like a routine request until a site assessment found the roof-top chiller posed a few unique challenges. Plot space, fluid delivery and high pressures exceeding 200 psig were just a few of the major issues. Added to that, the pipes were on the third floor and the cooling system on the ground floor. We were going to have to come up with an inventive hydraulics system to overcome these challenges. 


Project fact file

1,000 tonnes

Comfort cooling supplied

1,600 feet

Steel piping and pressure hoses

32 storeys

Building height

4 months

Temporary system uptime

The solution

A special pressure-controlled cooling system

To handle the high pressure at ground level, we engineered specially designed cooling that modified pressure for system compliance. We decreased the pressure going into the chilling system and then increased it after exiting the chiller and before delivery to the building.

The hybrid system had nearly 1,600 feet of steel piping and pressure hoses spanning the distance from equipment to delivery point, along with water cooled chillers, a cooling tower, chilled water pumps, and a generator. It delivered 1,000 tonnes of comfort cooling up to the 29th floor and throughout the building.


the aggreko difference

The expertise and equipment to solve complex cooling problems.

The impact

Reliable cooling during the 4-month upgrade

Our approach provided clear advantages in logistics and project costs. Working together with our customer, our experts quickly assessed the situation to figure out what was needed. This avoided having to bring in another contractor, which would have increased costs and delayed the start of the upgrade.

Our customer had full confidence in our cooling system and proceeded with their scheduled upgrade over the next four months. The specially designed setup delivered cooling to residents of the high-rise during the hot summer months.


“We had to come up with an inventive plan to solve the unique problems the high-rise posed, but that’s precisely when our experts really add value.”

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