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Client Food Vendors

Location New York, NY

Sectors Events

The challenge

Reliable power and refrigeration all year round

Times Square is one of the largest tourist attractions in New York, making it a thriving spot for food vendors to serve up delicious dishes. But there are no power outlets in the middle of Times Square, and any vendors operating there need reliable power to cook by day, and a way to run fridges by night.

What’s more, they need to be sure their power source won’t run out of fuel, and also be flexible enough to cope with soaring summer temperatures. 

Running a generator during the day when a higher amount of power is required would do the trick, but at night, the power demand would be much less.


Project fact file


100kW generator


Food vendors


Fuel savings

The solution   

A responsive generator that works for night and day

Rather than setting up a generator to run 24/7, we constructed a much more cost friendly solution. We supplied the vendors with a generator and our Hybrid Power System 3K (HPS3K), which not only gives them more than enough power to fully operate during lunch and dinner time rushes, but also charges the batteries in the HPS3K to run their fridges when the generator is switched off for the night.


The HPS3K provides power for 12.5 hours of a 500-watt load, and with fully automated controls and switching, it would trigger the main generator on if battery levels ever got too low.



the aggreko difference

Smart, money-saving solutions that power your business year round - and top notch support from our remote monitoring team.

Our Difference

The impact

A dependable power supply that saves money, too

Our package provided vendors with reliable power to keep their businesses up and running, day or night, in the middle of Times Square. And thanks to the power-saving features provided by the HPS3K, the vendors were able to cut their fuel usage by 40%. Additionally, with Aggreko Remote Monitoring, our team monitored fuel levels and machine performance around the clock, so vendors never had to worry about an empty tank or an overheating generator on scorching summer days.

“Aggreko's creative solution keeps everything up and going 24/7, in the middle of one the most crowded urban areas in the world”

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