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Client Golf Association

Location Palm Desert, California, USA

Sectors Events

The challenge

Battling desert temperatures to keep VIPs cool 

With 18 holes to play in the summer, desert like heat, golf tournaments are always looking for ways to keep players and spectators cool.

One golf association hosts an annual tournament in Palm Desert, CA where temperatures exceed 95° F. This elite event struggles every year to keep its VIP tent cool, and they have previously worked with multiple companies to assist with the task - every year unsuccessfully. With three clear plastic sides, the tent becomes like a greenhouse, making it extremely hard to control the heat without excessive equipment out on the course - until they called our experts.


Project fact file


Outside temperature

150 ton


600 kW

Of continuous power

The solution

A powerful cooling system that’s small enough to hide

The organizers were cautious not to ruin the aesthetics of the area, and wanted to keep the equipment hidden as much as possible while still providing the much needed cooling for the tent.


Our experts determined that only one 150 ton chiller would be needed. This option was smaller than what other companies used in the past. So how were we going to do what other companies couldn’t with a smaller unit?

The difference was we engineered a more efficient duct system that was able to increase cooling capacity, while still using a smaller unit.


the aggreko difference

Adaptable solutions that will always stay cool under pressure

Our Difference

The impact

A perfectly chilled environment in the desert heat

Despite battling the greenhouse effect, the soaring summer temperatures and a tent full of people, the space never exceeded 74° F, which was well below the customers ideal parameters.  As clear-sided tents become more popular in the events industry, the greenhouse effect will require specific engineering to create a cool environment. With our industry experts and engineers on hand to help work through this problem, and any others like it, we provide customers with a peace of mind that very few other rental companies can.


“Aggreko was pleased to accomplish the goal of Cooling VIP guests at a major golf event”

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