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Client Moody Gardens Ice Land

Location Galveston, Southeast Texas, USA

Sectors Events

The challenge

Maintaining ice sculptures in the Texan heat

Moody Gardens’ annual exhibit of spectacular, immersive, hand-carved ice sculptures is one of its event highlights of the year. It’s also one of the trickiest to pull off.

While outside temperatures climb to 90F, the area inside the 27,000 ft tent needs to be kept below freezing. To make things more complicated, while the master sculptors carved the ice, temperatures needed to be a touch warmer to prevent cracking – and then brought down again to keep their creations perfect.

Project fact file

3 months

Length of project

17,000 ft

Refrigerated space

10 F

Target temperature

300 tons

Freezing capacity

The solution

Adjustable cooling & on-site support, around the clock

Moody Gardens had first-hand experience of working with Aggreko and knew they could trust our team to have their back.

We set up 300 tons of cooling capacity, supported by Aggreko generators, and distributed to keep the temperature completely even inside the tent’s refrigerated areas. Fine-tuning the conditions was only the first step, though: our team was ready and waiting to step in and make adjustments at any time of night or day, responding to changing weather conditions and customer needs.

the aggreko difference

Our team is on call to keep you cool, every hour of every day

The impact

Every stage of the project went off without a hitch

At the first signs of change or trouble, Aggreko’s 24/7 support team was on call and onsite to tweak the cooling. From the start of the carving process, when master carvers were flown in from around the world to begin their creations, right through to the Christmas rush, every part of the exhibition took place in flawless conditions.

“Aggreko was able to provide cooling needs for the ice carving event, ensuring that every part of the exhibition took place flawlessly."

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