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Client International confectionary company

Location Milan, Italy

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

Maintain production for world-renowned confectionary

One of the worlds most recognised confectionary brands for more than 50 years required maintenance to its chillers. This equipment served a critical role in the production process of its famous pastry creams and a potential production delay was on the horizon.

Something that millions of sweet lovers would not stand for!

A rapid solution that would allow production to continue while the customers’ own chillers were brought back to prime condition, was required.

Thankfully, we know a thing or two about temperature control

Project fact file

85 m3h

Flow to be maintained

300 kwf

Required refrigeration power

-20 Degrees Centigrade

Required temperature

The solution

Steady chills and expert equipment

To keep the confectionary conveyor belts going required more than cold temperatures. The refrigeration is achieved with a strongly viscous fluid and to handle this reliably required one of our titanium heat exchangers. Not only this, but there has to be a steady flow of this fluid – 85 m3h to be precise.

Only the best would be good enough to ensure millions of confectionary fans would not be disappointed. And to ensure their satisfaction, we devised our solution to maintain a chilly -20 degrees centigrade.

Our customers chillers would be offline for around three months, so reliability as well as flexibility was key to the success of this project.

The Aggreko Difference

Sweet dreams are made of Aggreko solutions

The Impact

An appetising recipe of zero delays and happy customers

Production during the entire project was unhampered. That meant fans around the world could continue to enjoy the delicious confectionary that our customer is synonymous with.

Our cooling solution not only maintained the precise temperature to ensure our customer’s reputation continued – our equipment also performed at a top rate throughout the entirety of the contract.

The result? A delectable combination of expertise and sector experience avoided any delays with maintenance.

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