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Client A chemical producer

Location Newport, Delaware

Sectors Manufacturing

The challenge

Supply cool dry air  for rolling mill

A Chemical Production plant processes a pigment for industrial film, to produce superior pigments for automotive paints and other uses. But if humidity levels in the plant go up, product quality goes down.

It’s also bad news for workers, as it creates unsafe and uncomfortable working conditions. So controlling humidity levels is paramount to create superior liquid metal effects for film and to keep workers safe and happy.

Cool air was needed, and we knew just how to get it.


Project fact file

60 tons

Size of air conditioner





The solution    

Controllable, cool, dry air for entire building 

The contractors were hard at work so we had to come up with a plan that let them carry on unhindered, while we installed our cooling package.

We installed a return duct plenum off the new air conditioning unit on the side of the building.

 We then connected the interior ductwork to the outside plenum to enable the free movement of air around the building.



We’re always ready to adjust to rapid changes in a busy plant upgrade

Our Difference

The impact

Humidity and temperature kept under control 

The cool, dry air package ensured the pigment film processing unit could continue producing superior pigments for automotive paints and other uses.
The cooling and dehumidification we installed kept temperatures and humidity at levels that prevented product distortion and static build-up, while also ensuring worker safety and comfort.


"A rapid and precise solution was what the plant needed to maintain production levels and ensure a safe environment for its workers." 

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