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Client Mid-continent refinery

Location USA

Sectors Petrochemical and refining

The challenge

Keeping critical loads online during a turnaround

One Midwestern refinery needed to perform a replacement of their existing 480V motor control center (MCC), however this would require two days of downtime for the refinery and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in revenue. 

They knew they would need critical loads to remain online without interruption while replacing the switchgear, but they weren’t exactly sure how to make that happen. 

Additionally, tight worksite space limited the number of generator sets requiring a balance against competing objectives.


Project fact file


Diesel generators




Technical support

The solution

Quick mobilization of temporary power and switchgear

Our electrical experts conducted site walks to better understand the space restrictions and quickly designed a solution to fit the exact project specifications. Over the course of just 14 days, from initial project discussion to startup, we mobilized two temporary generators and the necessary switchgear to keep the process unit running during the turnaround phase. 

Our onsite technicians provided additional manpower to ensure the transition was executed perfectly, resulting in zero downtime for the customer.


the aggreko difference

We don't just deliver the equipment you need. Our project management capability and expertise allows plant staff to focus on other essential tasks.

The impact

Zero interruptions and reduced emissions 

Without having to provide a generator for each load, our team reduced the equipment footprint, which also helped to decrease the customer’s rental cost and even helped to reduce emissions. 

An added cost savings feature was that our team also provided all the necessary electrical documentation, which is usually outsourced to a third-party engineering firm.


“With our custom solutions, you don't have to worry about shutdowns or downtime during maintenance work.”

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