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Client Company producing food and renewable energy

Location Province of Santa Fe, Argentina

Sectors Renewable energy


To comply with the RenovAr power supply program

The client, a food and renewable energy producer with diversified operations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, needed to generate 1,4 MW of biogas-based power in order to meet the quota assigned by the RenovAr program, a power supply plan using renewable sources, to feed into Argentina's National Power Grid.

To this end, they were looking for a reliable solution that would allow them to sustain its energy production on a regular basis and guarantee the continuity of its operations.


1.4 MW

of power

36 months



To provide the necessary equipment for power generation with reliable 24/7 support

The client and Aggreko agreed to install a gas generator to produce 1.4 MW of power, 24 hours a day, fueled by the biogas produced from their own biodigesters in the Province of Santa Fe in Argentina.

Aggreko's business model not only provided the client with the opportunity to get the equipment they needed without making any capital investment, but also guaranteed them 24/7 specialized technical service with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM). This enabled them to focus with confidence on continuing operations.


Aggreko's comprehensive solutions combine the right equipment with a specialized 24/7 technical service to ensure business continuity


The client was able to meet their environmental commitments by fostering sustainability

The electricity produced by this partnership with Aggreko enabled the client to comply with the RenovAr Program, supplying its share of renewable energy to the National Power Grid. In addition, part of the energy surplus is destined both to benefit a community near the plant and for the client's own consumption. This is a great contribution to the environment by encouraging the production and use of renewable energy.

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