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Client Utilities company

Location Trimble, Ohio, USA

Sectors Utilities

The challenge

Keeping customer lights on during utility upgrades

A major electric utility company was conducting upgrades to a transmission line, which would require a two-day outage to complete the work. Unfortunately, this would leave many customers without power for several hours. Immediate on-site power at 13KV was needed to keep the distribution network energized to avoid outages and unhappy customers.

Equipment would need to be deployed and set up within a week, but since hunting season was underway, no access was allowed on to the site until two days before the outage was set to occur.

Project fact file

12 MW

of power

12 MVA

Load requirement

10,000 ft

Of cabling

The solution

A ready-to-go package with the manpower to support it

Timing and reliability were of the most importance for this customer, and since this was our first time working together, we knew we needed to quickly establish trust and demonstrate our capabilities.

Our experts designed and mobilized a package of 12 MW temporary generation to provide power through our distribution network, including all switchgear, transformers and 10,000 feet of cabling. All equipment was delivered within the two-day time frame along with a team of 12 certified technicians and two technical experts to ensure a reliable and  timely setup. 

the aggreko difference

Using our T&D expertise bought our client extra time for a crucial electrical restoration effort

The impact

Reliable power alternatives allowed successful upgrades

The project was a complete success, helping to minimize the duration of the outage from 48 hours to two five-minute interruptions in power.  

With the short, limited outage times, the customers’ end-users were hardly disrupted or left without power, and we helped to save our utilities customer several minutes off their Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI.) The utilities customer was able to complete upgrades and in Aggreko, they found a lasting partnership.

“At Aggreko we make sure the power stays on for our customers and yours"

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