19 Jul 2017

Emergency Cooling at an Office in New Jersey

230 ton rental chiller for emergency job in New Jersey

Our chiller rental story starts in New Jersey

First the transformer sparked and blew.  This failure then caused the cooling tower to collapse, damaging internal components. The cooling tower was running conjointly with a permanently placed chiller to provide cooling to a multi-story office complex. Nothing was working.  This happened in the middle of summer – no cooling – and the building maintenance staff knew a big problem had arrived.  Enter Aggreko.

A few phone calls later, Aggreko’s local Building Services representative in Linden, New Jersey was contacted and quickly responded to the needs of this building and the employees.  The local representative quickly mobilized personnel and equipment, dispatching a 200ton chiller to the office building.  The rental chiller was set-up, installed, and fed into the existing HVAC system to help provide cooling to the building.  With building personnel already suffering at the hands of no ventilation or interior cooling, the Aggreko representative quickly emerged as local hero.

Get up and running with temporary rental equipment

When a chiller fails or a building suffers any form of malfunction in their power or HVAC, Aggreko is in the business of responding quickly to help you return to normal. Considering that Aggreko offers rental chillers, air conditioning, heating, dehumidifiers and the world’s largest fleet of rental power, there is little doubt that we can help get you back to business, quickly.  

Chillers work for process cooling in production/manufacturing facilities but also they can also provide cooling in place of air-conditioning units, like that office building.  Whatever their use, when a permanent system fails or malfunctions, you don’t have to halt production and people don’t have to endure hot, sweaty conditions.  Temporary rental units are at the ready from Aggreko.  We will figure out what size you need and where it should it go.  And yes, we’ll arrange for the delivery and set-up.  We’ll handle all of it. You just need to get back to your normal routine.

With over 60 offices across North America, chances are, Aggreko is located near you. In the New Jersey area, Aggreko is located in Union County with easy access to New York City, Newark, Elizabeth, Edison and surrounding counties, such as Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Middlesex and beyond.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

For more about our emergency response, please visit us here