02 Oct 2017

Aggreko works with Tote Maritime to restore power to Port of San Juan in Puerto Rico

over 10 MW for San Juan Port in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria recovery

Aggreko works with Tote Maritime to restore power to Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico

In response to damage caused by Hurricane Maria, Aggreko has delivered critical power and electrical distribution equipment to Tote Maritime at the Port of San Juan. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Port of San Juan handles over 11 million tons of cargo annually and is a major hub for current hurricane relief efforts.  

Aggreko is currently providing over 10 megawatts of power, industrial transformers, associated cable and a team certified technicians to manage power for hundreds of reefer (or refrigerated) containers as well as electric cranes at Tote Maritime’s dock. The port of San Juan reopened on September 23 to daylight transit. 

On September 28, Tote Maritime issued the following statement to the U.S. House Subcommittee on the Coast Guard and Marine Transportation:

“TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico has served the people of Puerto Rico for more than 32 years providing twice weekly service to the island sailing between Jacksonville, FL and San Juan. (By the way, our vessels are the most environmentally friendly ocean container vessels in the world as they are powered by LNG.) We strive for on-time and efficient operations that support daily life for our Puerto Rican families.

Since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 19th, the people of Puerto Rico have been struggling to gain access to various goods and services necessary for daily life – goods that are sitting on our docks now that need support to be moved.

Even before Hurricane Maria made landfall, TOTE was working closely with customers and other parties such as the Red Cross to prepare for what was forecasted to be a devastating blow to the island. TOTE’s Isla Bella departed Jacksonville on September 20 – as Puerto Rico was still feeling the effects of Hurricane Maria – with more than 900 containers of cargo and relief goods for the island. The Isla Bella arrived at the Port of San Juan on September 24th following the opening of the Port on September 23 by the USCG. Immediately after the discharge of the Isla Bella, TOTE’s second ship, the Perla del Caribe arrived in San Juan with more than 1000 additional containers of relief goods. Our vessels will continue to transport relief aid including food and water to the island along with the daily needs such as clothing and house goods.

TOTE’s transit time from Jacksonville to San Juan is less than three days. This means that we are uniquely positioned to respond to emerging needs on the island, providing critical supplies to the people of Puerto Rico as the situation on the ground continues to evolve.”