23 Aug 2017

Dropping in Drying Equipment

Aggreko dehumidifier being lifted to a building

After a storm hits, the trouble begins 

When major weather events happen, the most important thing to consider is safety.  We plan for evacuations, boarding up windows or stocking up on food and water (assuming there is enough advance notice).  People prepare in many ways for the storm but it’s what happens after the storm that we tend to forget.  After severe storms the power may be knocked out and remain out for days, sometimes weeks.  With no power, well, we all know how essential power is.  But the other part of a post storm/disaster event is the cleanup. There may be structural damage to buildings, which may include water or flood damage, perhaps standing water inside.  In most cases, damage and debris can be quickly addressed and mitigated, if the proper response and equipment is available.

Responding to a disaster

Aggreko regularly responds to floods, hurricanes and major disasters, supplying temporary power, drying equipment, air conditioning/heating, and other utilities.  Our team is experienced at all aspects of the emergency response. We configure the setup of generators, dehumidifiers and other HVAC equipment.  Our team will determine what size equipment is needed and arrange for all aspects of the response.  We will arrange for the trucks, the number of technicians to be on site, off-loading of equipment, fuel supply, equipment hook up and operation of the equipment.  It is a large endeavor to arrange power, drying equipment or HVAC for an entire building but this is the core of Aggreko’s service and expertise.

Emergency Response is not always the same

Following weather related damage to a building, the damage and response will vary.  Sometimes the roof will be damaged, allowing heavy rains to allow water to soak the top floors of a building.  Other times, windows will be blown out from high winds, allowing rain water to enter portions of a building. Some storms will create a storm surge, sending thousands of gallons of water rushing into the lower level of a building, soaking the interior.  On a past project, Aggreko was called by a restoration contractor to provide power and desiccant dehumidification to dry the lower two floors of the building following a storm surge.

Drying Equipment with a side of service

Delivering equipment is one thing. Handling all aspects of the delivery and operation is completely different. When you’re trying to deliver and set up large industrial drying equipment in a narrow, downtown area surrounded by expensive real estate, experience counts.  

In the case of a project following a storm surge, Aggreko arranged for the equipment delivery but also called in a specialty freight company to deliver the equipment. The truck requested was outfitted with a boom crane on the back of the truck, allowing the crane arm to maneuver the tight space and easily place the equipment close to the building.  After the drying equipment was placed, the generator was wheeled nearby and technicians began connecting power to the dehumidifier, while others began running duct from the dehumidifier inside the building.  

On the interior of the building, Aggreko technicians distributed temporary ductwork to areas throughout the lower levels of the building, arranging the duct to deliver dry air to the affected areas. The equipment was turned on, dry air was delivered, the fuel delivery for the generator was arranged and the recovery was underway.  All of these steps were orchestrated by Aggreko and communicated to our customer to be sure that everyone understood the plans.  The drying equipment and power was on site for roughly a week and then everything was removed and the equipment was returned.  It all began with a phone call and Aggreko responded to the emergency with drying equipment, power, service and results.

Can we help you?

With over 60 offices across North America, chances are, Aggreko is located near you. If you are in need of temporary power, drying equipment or air-conditioning or HVAC equipment, especially if you are an emergency restoration contractor, Aggreko can help. Along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana, Aggreko has several offices located nearby to help.  From New Iberia, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette, to Beaumont, Houston, Pearland, Corpus Christie, San Antonio or wherever you’re located, Aggreko has offices across North America.  We can help you solve any power, humidity or temperature control issues.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.