21 Sep 2017

Helping after Hurricane Harvey

Aggreko chiller and dehumidifier being used for Harvey relief

Hurricane Harvey was not your normal hurricane  

The whole country, let alone most of the world, watched the news about the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane made landfall near Rockport, TX as a Category 4 storm, delivering winds at roughly 130 mph. Harvey’s eye was nearly 180 miles southwest of Houston, but the city and surrounding area would come to feel the impact of Harvey’s rains for several days. 

Hurricane Harvey dropped over 53 inches of rain in a three-day period, creating a different kind of destruction.  While most hurricanes create wind-driven damage, tearing off roofs, and destroying windows in high-rise buildings, this was an unexpected level of damage. Houses were underwater and hundreds of businesses suffered power outages, interior water damage, and lost use of their commercial sized HVAC systems. Once the water receded, it was time to recover and get business back on track.

The steps of recovery begin with drying

As the water receded and people in the greater Houston area returned to their homes and went back to work, one such business was an Aggreko customer who returned to their facilities to find buildings severely damaged from flooding. Located near Houston, this office complex suffered from several feet of water entering the ground levels, soaking and destroying floors, walls, furniture, and anything else it came in contact with.  Calls were made to contractors and equipment was soon on their way.  As restoration crews removed the damaged materials, Aggreko arrived, supplying large scale drying and temperature control equipment, as well as temporary power.  That large scale meant Aggreko would deliver several megawatts of power and over half a million CFM of desiccant dehumidification to provide structural drying and to help stabilize the interior climate of the building.

Blending dry with cool (dehumidification and air-conditioning)

As the dehumidifiers did their part and removed moisture from walls and materials, air-conditioning was also incorporated.  Following massive water damage and being without interior climate control inside a building is a tricky recovery process. Not only did the air-conditioning help cool down the temperatures, but a by-product of air-conditioning is moisture removal. Combining air-conditioning along with dehumidification helps the building dry but also aids in the space acclimating to its normal levels of temperature and humidity.

The drying equipment, air conditioning, and generators would remain on site for weeks.  The long road to recovery is still underway, but employees will soon be able to return to their workplace and put the storm behind them.

Can we help you?

With over 60 offices across North America, chances are, Aggreko is located near you. If you are in need of temporary power, drying equipment, air-conditioning or HVAC equipment, especially if you are a contractor, Aggreko can help.  Within the state of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and throughout the Gulf Coast, Aggreko has offices located nearby to help.  We can help to get your business back up and running.  Aggreko can solve your power, humidity or temperature control issues.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.