09 Aug 2017

5 reasons to consider an Aggreko Air Conditioner

Rental air conditioners from Aggreko

5 reasons to consider an Aggreko Air Conditioner 

On the third video from our web series, we’ll show five reasons to consider our air conditioners that go from small spot coolers to large industrial units. 


Air Conditioning Rentals

Air conditioning isn’t just a luxury on job sites or something to help keep people comfortable, sometimes it can be critical for the success of processes and applications.  If temperature is too high or low, it can impact many types of operations.  If your HVAC system has failed, or the AC is not delivering good results, or you just need some seasonal cooling, we can help.

Temporary Cooling

Rental air-conditioning units are vast at Aggreko, with rental units ranging from 1 to 70 tons per unit.  What does that mean for you?  We can deliver the cooling that you need, that’s what it means. The best part is that we can deliver, set up, start up and monitor any units you need.  And these are portable rental units, so when you’re done with them, we’ll come and get everything and take it away.  Think about it, if you need to combat the seasonal heat but don’t want to invest in a completely new HVAC system, a short term rental may be the perfect option.  Speaking of options.

Air-conditioning Options

At Aggreko, we offer a wide array of temperature control equipment, all portable and available for rent. For air conditioning and cooling equipment, we offer chillers and air handlers, cooling towers but also a wide range of temporary air conditioning.  From 1 ton spot coolers that easily roll around on wheels, up to 70 ton industrial air conditioning units that can cool an entire building.

Small, Portable Cooling

On the small side, we can offer you spot coolers that work great in certain situations.  These units are all fixed with wheels to help move around, which is great for a rental with temporary needs (think about a space that needs cooling or a few hours each day). Ranging in size from 1 to 5 tons, some spot coolers can be plugged into a standard 110V outlet, while the larger 5ton units can run on 220V or 460V.  Depending on your needs and power available, if you have a small space that needs some temporary cooling, a spot cooler may be the answer.

Industrial Air Conditioning

When your cooling needs are larger in scale, we offer rental air conditioning units from 10ton up to 70 tons.  Most of these air conditioning units operate on 460V power and deliver serious cooling.  If you need cooling but moisture is also an issue, we do offer air conditioning that delivers cool, dry air, removing a significant amount of moisture from the air.   

Sizing your Air Conditioning Rental

If you’re not sure about which unit size or what type is best for you, don’t worry, Aggreko will send an experienced representative out to evaluate your situation and offer an expert assessment on what is best for you.  We will factor in the size of the space, what type of applications are taking place, and of course, determine if the proper power is available.

Reducing risks with rental Air Conditioners

When a Refinery from the US needed a major overhaul – where lead-based paint should be removed from one of their larger vessels – there was no space for environmental or safety reports. We worked closely with the refinery’s maintenance team to find the best and faster solution, without impacting the working hours. We rapidly sealed the vessel in a large tent and then ducted 70 tons of cooling with an industrial air conditioner and the required power. This optimized working conditions and allowed the removal of the paint right on schedule and 100% incident free. Read more here