02 Aug 2017

5 reasons to consider an Aggreko Chiller

Aggreko rental chillers

5 reasons why to consider an Aggreko chiller

The second video of our web series is about chillers.  Hit play and check out in less than one minute, why you should consider a rental chiller from Aggreko. 

Industrial Chillers

We offer both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, from smaller 10 ton up to large, industrial chillers at 1,000 tons.  And yes, we offer the hoses, pumps and any other accessories that are needed. Whether you manage the HVAC at a hospital or an apartment building using a chiller for cooling, or perhaps a plastic or manufacturing plant who uses a chiller for cooling down a production process, don’t go without your system.  You don’t have to lose productivity: Aggreko can deliver a chiller and have you up and running quickly.

Engineering your Chiller

When you think that you need a rental chiller, don’t worry about what size or type, we can help out reviewing your needs and help offer the proper size and type of equipment.  Our staff will review your system needs and help determine the type and size of chiller and if you have any requirements, such as a variable speed drive (VSD) chiller.  In addition, if your process or application requires additional temperature, air or humidity equipment, we will configure that system and/or tie-in the chiller with existing or other equipment.

For instance, seasonal fluctuations can be a problem in many type of business: from production lines to the comfort of customers. Let’s take the example of the Cooke Aquaculture, in the agriculture sector. Their salmon fish farms need exactly the right temperature for the animals to grow in best conditions. When the company noticed temperature fluctuations in the water, we received the call and provided a solution to cool 100,000 liters of water in four tanks within just four days of contact. 

Instead of regulating the temperature in the whole tank, we cooled the water from only the slipstream of the recirculation system. We then mixed that cooler water back into the main body of the tank, where warmer water equalized the temperature to the exact heat required. By cooling only part of the water we saved on cost and time and, by drawing on our experience from the previous year, we could advise Cooke Aquaculture on the best way to install permanent pipework to improve the tidiness and safety of their installation. Learn more about this case study here

Aggreko Remote Monitoring

All of our chillers are equipped with our Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) system. With ARM, our teams of technical specialists in the Remote Operations Center keep a close eye on every aspect of equipment performance, 24/7. 

What we see, you’ll see, right on your cell phone app. So, if the generator that supports the chiller is low on fuel, you’ll know when to fill it. If a quick adjustment will get the cooling capacity from the rental chiller just right, we’ll tell you how to tweak it. And we can predict issues before they occur and deploy resources for action right away. Last but not least, our proactive recommendations from operational data will keep you running at peak efficiency. 

Emergency rental cooling

It is hard to keep your cool during an emergency, especially when this means losing productivity and revenue. For instance, when one of the chillers of a Gulf coast chemical manufacturer failed and this meant the shutdown of the entire plant. With an estimate loss of 1 million dollars per day, a replacement chiller should be found as quickly as possible. Thanks to our 24/7 service, we set up a replacement chiller with a 1,500 kW generator in less than 12 hours during the weekend. Both equipment were monitored by our Remote Operations Center and this guaranteed the load was always on track and no other unexpected emergency would stop production. Read more here

With a wide-ranging fleet of chillers, we can deliver the performance that you’re used to with your permanent system.  Air-cooled or water-chilled, rental ready units range from 10 to 1,000 tons.  Not only do you have options in size/type but we also have models that utilize variable speed drive (VSD) compressors and fans.  When you operate chillers with a VSD, your flexibility increases in operation, allowing you to adjust output and dial the machine ‘up or down’ based on your needs.  Among other things, this flexibility in operation helps save you energy.

Contingency planning

Talking about emergencies, it is known that the failure of a critical chiller causes massive production shortfalls. And even with our 24/7 service and emergency response, any hour lost on productivity costs a lot to any production line. This is why a contingency plan pays off. Read more about how a contingency plan from Aggreko helped a Chemical manufacturer in the USA to replace a failed chiller at a minimal time – saving time and money.