26 Jul 2017

5 reasons why you should consider an Aggreko Heat Exchanger

Aggreko's heat exchangers

Get ahead and prepare for higher temperatures

Its summertime and temperatures are going up, but your productivity shouldn’t go down. Thinking about that, we are launching a web series with short videos regarding our HVAC and process cooling rental solutions.  On them you’ll find 5 reasons why our temperature control solutions should be considered this summer. 

Let’s start with heat exchangers. Take a look!

Heat exchangers are widely used in numerous industry sectors – particularly in petrochemical and refinery plants. Heat exchangers are prone to fouling or corrosion problems, which can develop gradually, or spring up without warning.  If a site isn’t prepared, it can mean a drop in plant effectiveness and, sometimes, shutdowns and capital expenditure running into the tens of thousands. 

Cost effective rental solutions

Our process engineering team at Aggreko get involved in many heat exchanger projects across all industries and ultimately ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day business and keep downtime to a minimum.

Aggreko's remit is to provide a rental solution that supports or replaces an existing system.  As a complete replacement of a heat exchanger can take three months or more, a rental solution can be designed to keep a site up and running in a cost-effective manner whilst the permanent plant is repaired or replaced.

When can Aggreko help with rental heat exchangers?

Anywhere there is a process involving a heat exchanger and an issue in terms of it fouling or failing or if supplemental cooling is needed, Aggreko can support you.  We have the capability to rapidly deliver exactly what you need.

Many plants are pushed to their maximum to optimize output. This means systems can therefore fail suddenly, whatever the sector, whether at a manufacturing site or as part of a food processing plant’s process.

Fouled heat exchangers can also limit a process unit’s operation, especially during the hot summer months, and cut down on efficiency. This is because process units experience cooling limitations due to warmer cooling tower water, or because dry coolers using the warmer ambient air become less effective.  

Any of these common problems can force a plant to reduce plant/unit rates, product quality, and consequently miss out on potential profit opportunities, or exceed permitted environmental limits, risking significant fines.  


In the US, Aggreko’s team of process engineers will tailor heat exchangers of any size to a specific plant and deliver the solution within a day or two, to prevent bottlenecks and allow equipment to be repaired without excessive capital expenditure.


How rental heat exchangers helped replacing CO2…

… and saved up to $800,000 annually 

Let’s talk about a real application case from the food and beverage industry. CO2 is a popular refrigerant in the food industry, but its scarcity was driving the price up and affecting supply. The food processing plant in the USA needed a reliable test system for the propylene glycol to be their new cooling medium. But there was no room for dropping productivity or damaging goods.

That is why we were called to help with a temporary system that would test the propylene glycol before the company made a capital investment in new refrigeration equipment. With our refinery-grade heat exchangers and a 30-ton low temperature chiller, capable of reaching -15°F, we kept the glycol within the specified temperature range. 

As the propylene passed the test, the company replaced 80% of the CO2 it used. The result? An estimated $600,000 to $800,000 in annual savings along with peak productivity and safe storage for the food. Learn more from this case study here.