23 Jun 2017

Beyond the rental

Technician seeting up generator


Welcome to the Aggreko's new site! 

Each and every day, people and businesses alike are faced with resource constraints or unpredictable acts of nature. Whether it’s the need for temporary power at a high-rise construction site or the need for comfort cooling at a pulp and paper plant in the middle of a hot summer or the need for compressed air at a plastic bottle manufacturer after a catastrophic failure, it takes more than just equipment to solve these issues.

Welcome to Aggreko’s new site! As we begin this journey, it is our hope to use this platform to convey a different side of our business. A side of our business that goes beyond the equipment we provide our customers on a daily basis. Moving forward, it is our goal to show you how Aggreko goes Beyond the Rental. Today and everyday moving forward, we will be building a site that brings to life stories of Aggreko’s passion, people, innovation and strive for ensuring our customers goals are always met.

We have a tremendous amount to share with you this year. From new products to upgraded service offerings, Aggreko is in the midst of revolutionizing the specialty rental market. In the meantime, we encourage you to spend some time exploring our new site. Be sure to visit our product pages, where you can learn about over 150 power, cooling, heating and compressed air rentals available today, or check out over 100 case studies from around the world.

Our mission is simple. To use our technology and expertise to make a difference to businesses and communities all over the world - now and in the future. At Aggreko, what we do makes a difference.