21 Nov 2017

Time to give thanks

Aggreko employees volunteering for Harvey recovery

Time to give thanks

Thanksgiving has arrived and it’s time to look back and express our gratitude. Perhaps the hardest periods give us the opportunity to realize how strong we are and to be thankful for that strength. 2017 has not been an easy year for North America. In August, we witnessed a series of tropical storms that were part of a hyperactive 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. This season is also one of only six years on record to feature multiple Category 5 hurricanes; Mexico faced a 7.1 category earthquake, while California was fighting against wildfires. 

Harvey brought what is considered to be the most extreme rain event in U.S. history, significantly affecting Texas and Louisiana. Right after it left the Gulf area, Irma made landfall in Florida and the Leeward Islands in the northeastern Caribbean. Two weeks later, Maria became a tropical storm and struck Puerto Rico as a high-end Category 4 hurricane on September 20th. Then, Hurricane Katia made landfall in Mexico just days after a major earthquake had shaken the country. 

We know that the recovery wasn’t and still isn’t easy for many people. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone one who has experienced hardship during these catastrophic events.  

In times like these, we are reminded how resilient and committed we are as people and as communities. Individuals from all over the world are coming together to help the affected regions, with all kinds of support – emotional, physical and economical. We are truly thankful for the care and concern that has been shown globally.

At Aggreko, we are doing our part as well. We have been mobilizing power and dehumidification fleets from all over North America to help businesses and communities get back on track. Our employees are actively engaged across many regions – volunteering their time to help support neighbors, shelters and charitable organizations.  

In Houston, people from all over North America came to help reconstruct houses that were affected by Harvey. Teams also gathered to volunteer at the Houston Foodbank and other shelters. In Mexico, employees gathered donations for people in need. Additionally, in Puerto Rico, a team of employees is currently working to get supplies and food to families and remote regions still affected by the devastation.

Some of our own employees were impacted during the storms, and we have been rallying together internally to do what we can to support their families during this hardship. Additional personnel have been assisting our facilities in the affected regions, as we work to get our customers back up and running. 

We are glad to see that our customers have been able to rely on Aggreko during this extraordinary time of need. In Puerto Rico, for instance, we have deployed people and equipment to help ensure the private sector and government agencies continue their operations through this disruption of power. Among these entities are ports, pharmaceuticals, hotels, industries, government offices, water pump stations and commercial customers. The same was done for Houston so plants and businesses could resume operations after the flooding. Our emergency service lines are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And because we have equipment on standby at more than 200 global locations, we can spring into action quickly. 

At the end of the day, everyone at Aggreko shares the same passion – working together to make a difference for our customers, each other, and our communities. Thanksgiving is a time to gather in unity and find our strength and hope. With sincere gratitude, we are thankful we are in a position to positively impact others around the world, and we could not be more proud of our amazing team.