31 Aug 2018

Making a Difference to Our Communities While Keeping Safety First

Fire Kits Donation

Aggreko donates 17 H2S Escape Respirators kits to the City of New Iberia Fire and Police Department.

H2S Escape Respirators, also known as Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD), are a lifesaving apparatus, used for escaping an area with hazardous conditions such as fire, smoke, poisonous gases, among other emergency circumstances. 

As the name mentions, it is used for quick escape from a situation where the individual has to swiftly vacate their immediate surroundings. In other words, it is a self-contained compressed air apparatus for escape from a contaminated environment. 

The EEBD has an audible alarm that indicates the depletion of available air at around 5 to 10 minutes of usage time, giving the wearer time to evacuate his hazardous surroundings. 

Fire Kit Donated

After moving the operations from one of our service centers in the mountain region, our team realized there were 17 H2S kits in that location that would not be used by our staff. Two of our employees from Central Operations in New Iberia promptly gave the idea of donating these kits to the local fire department. 

Michael Harrower, HSE specialist, is a former professional firefighter himself and Jeffrey Stelly, Material Planning Specialist, is currently a volunteer firefighter. On August 29, both of them, along with other Aggreko peers, donated the U$ 30,000.00 plus worth of equipment to the New Iberia Fire and Police Departments.

Those kits can be really helpful for the fire departments. If the large air bottle from a firefighter runs out, they can use it as a smaller reserve bottle. On the other hand, they can give the EEBD kits to someone that is being rescued from an emergency situation. These kits truly can save a life.

With this action, we hope to contribute to the Fire Department’s commitment of providing safety to the citizens of New Iberia.

We know that what we do – and the way that we do it – can affect the world around us. We take that responsibility seriously.  That’s why we always focus on health and safety, and conduct ourselves ethically, giving thought to the environment and supporting our customers and the communities where we operate.