14 Mar 2018

Pi Day – A mathematically sweet day to celebrate

Pi Day

Pi Day – A mathematically sweet day to celebrate 

At Aggreko, we share a passion for engineering and numbers. Each and every day, all of us work with the mission of making a difference to businesses and communities through our technology and expertise. This can mean helping refineries increase production rates, enhancing working conditions on manufacturing assembly lines during summer months, reducing time for paint and concrete to dry on construction sites and enabling a more safe and efficient environment anywhere we operate. At the end of the day, it all comes down to numbers. 

That is the reason we are celebrating Pi Day. In mathematics, π is the numerical proportion between the perimeter of a circle and its diameter. In other words, when we divide the perimeter of a circle by its diameter, the result will always be the same: 3.14159265358… and so on. The π has an infinite number of decimals, but it is usually rounded as 3.14. That is why March 14th is known as Pi day. 

And what do you do to celebrate Pi Day? Eat pie of course. But, at Aggreko, we go one step further. Not only do we love eating pie, but we also help companies make pie. 

For instance, when a leading French pie dough manufacturer had their heat exchanger fail, we quickly came in to make sure production would not stop. One of their coils was not being cooled, so we quickly developed a solution to temporarily replace the entire COcondensation loop with an 800 kW chiller and heat exchanger, using a glycol solution to cool the CO2.  By applying our engineering know-how, we helped the pie dough manufacturer achieve a -4F temperature with no interruption to their production line. Read more about this tasty project here

Hungry for some pie now? Check out some of these handpicked orange (get it?) pie recipes to make at home today: 

Happy Pi Day All!