11 Dec 2018

Santa's Workshop Gets Specialty Rentals Custom Solutions

Santa’s Workshop Gets Specialty Rentals Custom Solutions

Christmas is finally here, and we got into the Holiday spirit! 

Knowing that Santa’s workshop is in full production mode, we planned how we could help with Power, Air, Dehumidification, Heating and Cooling during his busiest time of the year.

Santa cannot afford any downtime. All toys need to be in perfect condition, production must run at max efficiency and on schedule, while all the elves and reindeer stay in a safe and comfortable environment. With these challenges in mind, we have customized the perfect solutions for production to run smoothly. 

Power: Santa’s Workshop is at the North Pole – a very remote location. That’s why our generators would come in handy to power all manufacturing equipment and his facilities. We know that power demand would fluctuate, so rather than setting up the generators to run 24/7, we constructed a much more efficient and environmentally-friendly solution. In addition, we would install our Hybrid Power System 3K (HPS3K), which charges the batteries in the HPS3K to run the Christmas lights while the generators are switched off for the night.

Compressed Air: 100% oil-free air compressors are critical to maintain safe operation and instrumentation of Santa’s equipment to produce all the toys. There must be a lot of environmental considerations in the North Pole. Thankfully, our diesel units are Tier4 compliant and have exhaust levels well within EPA standards. 

Dehumidifiers: Once toys are assembled, they’re painted. Our dehumidifiers speed up drying process, saving time on painting and coating since there cannot be any delays.  

Heating and Cooling: There’s no need to say how cold the North Pole gets. Even though Santa’s crew is used to it, they appreciate some comfort heating. That’s especially true for the reindeer in the stables, as they rest before having to pull the sleigh. However, Santa does not get a break and keeps pretty busy wrapping and organizing all the presents. He can get hot in his suit, so we could keep the temperatures inside the workshop cooled, so he doesn’t break a sweat. 

You can check everything out in the video below. We hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!