03 Apr 2018

The first Specialty Rental Champion - The Diesel Generator

Specialty Rental Champion - Diesel Generator

The first Specialty Rental Champion:
The Diesel Generator

Is it already the end of Q1 for the year? Time has certainly been flying, especially with all the basketball ‘Madness’ in March. With the final game being played yesterday, our Specialty Rental Bracket Challenge also came to the end. After tabulating your votes, the winner is the most experienced product in our fleet: the Diesel Generator. 

It’s not a big surprise and it actually makes sense. The Diesel Generator is the backbone of our specialty rental business and its how we got started. We began as a small mobile generator rental business in the Netherlands in 1962 and the name Aggreko comes from the Dutch word for generator. We are more than happy to crown the Diesel Generator as the first ever Specialty Rental Champion!

For over 50 years, diesel generators have played a key and central role in some of our most significant projects all over the world. It’s also one of the product lines we continue to evolve. Our newest diesel generators meet the highest standard for clean air set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by featuring Tier4 engines. Tier 4 requires the lowest emission of nitrogen oxide (NOX) and levels of particulate matter (PM). It also requires the use of low-sulfur fuel. From sound attenuation, mobility and fuel efficiency, we have set the industry standard for rental diesel generators. We also introduced 24/7 monitoring and telemetry capability with Aggreko Remote Monitoring – and industry first.

We deploy and install our generators in all types of applications and in different industries. Needless to say, one of the most interesting and exciting industries we get to participate in is Events. Our diesel generators have been part of some of the biggest events all around the globe, like the Football championship, global sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup, countless Golf Tours and so on. 

For the Utilities industry, we not only offer contingency plans, backup and emergency power to keep the lights on, but we also support renewable power generation. For instance, when a wind farm in the USA needed 122 turbines to be constructed and operational within only four months, we were called to take care of the commissioning.  We quickly installed a 3MW temporary mini-grid complete with generators, load banks, circuit breakers, transformers and more. 

The Oil and Gas industry has also been one of our focus throughout the years. From onshore to offshore, from downstream to upstream, we always have customized solution for any type of challenge. rel="noopener noreferrer" Let’s take the NGL Pumping Station as an example. Midstream pumping facilities keep products in the pipelines moving to their destination, but also require some of the highest energy costs in the industry. Managing the load for supply and demand is a critical part of keeping costs down but because these facilities are usually located in remote locations, it is not possible to have round-the-clock on-site technical support. That is why we used 10 Tier4 generators featuring the Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) technology to complete the job and meet the EPA emission standards.

Our mobile diesel generators are also easily scalable, which is a key advantage for the mining industry. The power demand for a mining project may vary throughout its life cycle. rel="noopener noreferrer" Having this capability allowed us to support a diamond mine in Botswana, ensuring they would only pay for the power they needed in their 20 million carats mining. With a power supply going from 60 kVA to 4.5 MW, we scaled up the power as the activity of the mine increased or decreased. 

Although we have many heating and cooling project for process enhancement in the industrial field, power is also essential. For rel="noopener noreferrer" instance, when we created a power system made of 11 x 1,250 Kva generators, we avoided a petrochemical plant to shut down and what would be a huge loss to a plant that produces 10€ of revenue per second.

No matter the industry or type of project, our team of experts are always ready to make a difference for businesses and communities and we count on the power of our generators to do that.  With the world facing an estimated power gap of 100 GW by the end of this decade, quick, scalable power is set to be even more crucial to industry, communities and entire economies. That is why we are continually innovating to meet the future with confidence – supplying power on demand, anywhere in the world.