30 Mar 2018

Quiz - Which Aggreko Specialty Rental Equipment are you?

Aggreko Technicians

Which Aggreko Specialty Rental Equipment are you? 

Welcome to April! It’s the first and that means we need to have a little fun. Our team was having an in-depth conversation earlier this year about which Specialty Rental equipment best represents us as a person. We started by mapping out all the attributes of each piece of equipment and then scientifically correlated each attribute to various aspects of everyday life. We won’t bore you with the details – but our math would have made Einstein proud.


But that got us thinking…can we put together a quiz that determines this answer for anyone? We brought together the best minds in the business and came up with a quick, 8-question test. Based on your preferences in life, we’re able to accurately determine which Aggreko specialty rental equipment you are. Are you curious to find out? Start the quiz below and don't forget to share your results on social media!



Disclaimer – this quiz is strictly for entertainment purposes. However, if after taking the quiz you are inclined to learn more about our specialty rental equipment, contact us!