12 Jun 2018

10 Ways Temporary Utility Equipment Can Help Day to Day Maintenance at Refineries and Petrochemical Plants

petrochem plant


Daily maintenance is a key part of running a refinery or a petrochemical plant, but getting it right is difficult. With such a high output from sites like these, how can you make sure you’re not losing time and revenue?

Temporary utility equipment can provide the backup and support your site needs to keep processes running smoothly. Our daily maintenance solutions offer a range of values and benefits that are backed by a group of specialists in temperature control and 100% oil-free compressed air, a high level of technical training, industry grade equipment incorporating the latest technologies, hassle free rental, and an equipment performance guarantee.


Our experience and solutions help plant managers carry out daily maintenance with reliable equipment and temporary rentals.


1. Reduce Process Bottlenecks

We understand that some seasons are busier than others, with output increasing at different times of the year. This is why we supply temporary equipment to help during the busiest periods so bottlenecks don’t keep happening.

With extra generators that can pick up the slack, processes can continue to run smoothly and efficiently without any backlog during high seasons.

2. Improve and Maintain Production Rates

One plant needed to cool their Motor Control Centers to keep the sensitive equipment inside at the right temperature and avoid unit failures. We provided them with a 20 ton AC package with power that kept the MCC cool.

As a result, the plant saw no unit or system failures and could maintain their high production rates when temperatures were not ideal.


3. Improve Safety

Our temporary utility equipment and daily maintenance solutions are all bound by our dedication to improving safety on site.

We carry out risk assessments and ensure our teams are working safely with energy, but we also ensure the temporary equipment we install makes a site safer, whether that’s by supplying a generator with oil free air or creating a more comfortable working environment temperature-wise for staff.

4. Reduce or Eliminate Costs

For one plant, installing a second process train to the system saw an increase in temperature of their cooling water. In order to get it back to normal, they needed to supplement their cooling tower.

We supplied them with a 1,000 ton cooling tower. However, the plant didn’t have excess power for the new tower and pump, but it did have natural gas on-site. Because of this, we could supply them with a 300kW natural gas generator to supply power instead.

As a result, we provided the plant with ⅛ of the emissions of a diesel generator and reduced the plant’s rental package cost by $15,000 per month.

5. Boost Reliability

Having reliable equipment is a vital part of running a successful plant, and to make sure everything is running smoothly, regular maintenance and repairs need to be carried out.

To avoid any downtime during routine maintenance, we can install temporary equipment to keep processes running the same. This ensures your permanent units will retain their reliability for as long as possible.


6. Meet Environmental Standards

The plant that needed to supplement their cooling tower had a limited permit for diesel engine run time due to environmental laws. Because we utilized temporary gas power over diesel, we helped the plant stay under their 100 hour of diesel engine run time.


7. Increase Worker Productivity

Keeping workers happy and productive is important in ensuring a plant runs as smoothly as possible. Our temporary utility equipment boosts productivity by providing comfort cooling and heating for buildings and control rooms, as well as cool down stations and confined space entry.

Take one plant that needed to replace a Crude tank floor to make repairs during the fall, when ambient temperatures were well above average for people to work continuously. We provided them with AC units, dehumidifiers, heaters, and generators so that the plant could complete the work safely, on time, and with the maximum manpower working around the clock.


8. Optimize Equipment Performance

Keeping equipment running at its best means less downtime. With our Remote Operating Center, we have a team of experts on hand who can see exactly when a piece of equipment starts to fail. We can then send in specialists right away to fix the problem to keep performance at its best.


9. Uninterrupted Operations

Maintenance and repairs often leads to downtime in operations as equipment gets switched over and fixed. However, we provide a range of high and low voltage equipment during maintenance activities, including substations, switchgear, and transformers.

One plant was utilizing 300kW generators for an electrical outage to run a control room and a brine chiller. The generators were running 24/7 for two weeks, and we installed our remote monitoring team on the job, too. This meant that when one of the generators was low on fuel, the site was immediately notified so that it could be fixed and continue running as usual.


10. Reduce Emissions

A plant in Houston lost the main air blower in their FCC and came to us for help supplying 77,000 ICFM of oil free air. We provided them with a large centrifugal electric air compressors with temporary power that led to a 148K gallon savings in fuel consumptions over the term of the project.

Day-to-day maintenance is inevitable in a plant, but by implementing temporary utility equipment, sites can reap huge benefits, save money, and avoid any damaging downtime.