04 Mar 2019

White Paper - Solving the Power Availability Problem for Data Centers

Datacenter Aggreko

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Data centers can’t do downtime. But with shrinking bandwidth and as data volumes around the world continue to soar, so does the pressure to increase your rack space quickly while maintaining 100% uptime. And with that, comes the need for continuous, reliable power and precise temperature and climate-control – even when the grid fails. 

It’s undeniable that the power availability problem is a significant hurdle for the data center industry to clear as it continues to expand.

So how do you overcome this challenge? 

Have you heard about the ‘energy trilemma’? It’s a priority conflict model used to establish the required balance between security of supply, cost and sustainability for power generation. 

This model helps us analyze the benefits of an onsite power generation plant for data centers, because the high demand for data storage is exceeding many national grid networks supply for capacity, transmission or distribution.

Onsite, natural gas-based generation can be the solution to grid power constraints. This could be a bridging solution enabling speed to market with the grid catching up a year or two down the line. It might be a supplement to an existing grid supply to enable expansion, or it might make sense to go off grid completely for the long term. 

We can help achieve any of those needs with a gas and battery hybrid power plant, which might also incorporate solar, co-gen or tri-gen, depending on your needs.

In this whitepaper, we go through each of the three points from the ‘energy trilemma’ – security, cost and sustainability – to develop the theme of onsite power generation, so data centers can forget about grid constraints and expand at the pace and place their customers demand. 

Download free Whitepaper

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