23 Sep 2019

To Rent Or Not To Rent a Generator? That's the Question!

Two technicians chatting in front of an Aggreko generator

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When you need a generator for temporary power, how do you decide if you should rent it or buy it? 

We’ve all heard this tidbit of conventional wisdom a thousand times, whether we’re talking about housing, cars, specialist equipment or anything else.

But if the rise of the sharing economy has taught us anything, it’s that buying is not always better.

Most of us would agree that, given the option, it’s smarter to own the house you live in than to lease it, but what about somewhere you stay just two weeks a year? Is that worth paying a mortgage on? Is it worth shouldering the cost of repairs? And what if, in a few years, you decide it’s not as suitable as you thought? What if you just want to try somewhere else?

When it comes to choosing between hiring or buying a generator, the same sorts of questions apply. Sure, if you expect to use it all the time and you don’t run into many problems, owning your own generator will probably turn out to be a good investment.

On the other hand, if you only use your generator for emergencies, it breaks down a bunch of times or you realize six months down the line that it’s not quite fit for purpose, you risk a pretty serious case of buyer’s remorse.

In this eBook, we’ll guide you through the big questions and issues you must consider before making a decision either way. we explain the pros and cons of hiring or purchasing your own generator, including cost, servicing and maintenance considerations.


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