20 Nov 2019

The Digitization of Energy in the Manufacturing Industry

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Digitization is taking the manufacturing world by storm and is a hot topic of global interest at the moment.


Because we’re living in a now, now, now society where consumers want to get their hands on products right away. 

This means new products need to be pushed out to market in tighter time frames than ever before, which is impossible when you’re using manpower alone. 

When we say digitization here, we mean things like automation, data, and artificial intelligence; technologies that help scale, optimize, and improve processes. In an industry that’s driven by cutting costs and speedy-quick processes, digitization has never been more welcomed. 

At Aggreko, our innovative solutions go hand-in-hand with the latest tech trends while ensuring the highest levels of quality are maintained for eagle-eyed customers.

The Need for Energy in Digitization 

The manufacturing world needs energy like humans need oxygen. Without an efficient supply of energy, processes come to a grinding halt and products don’t get out to market anywhere near as quick as they should be. As a result, revenues can take a pummeling and some manufacturers can even get put out of business. 

Today, energy is an increasingly important factor in global competition amongst manufacturers. Businesses that have efficient, streamlined energy solutions can create better processes and push out more products without hindering their quality - but digitization makes the need for consistent energy even more important. 

Take data centers, for example. These are hubs that collect, analyze, and optimize data from a company, whether it’s about the products, customers, or the sales cycle. This data helps manufacturers to improve their processes and automate systems to create more products at a higher quality without the need for human intervention.

The thing is, these data centers rely heavily on consistent and powerful energy supply. A data center without power isn’t an option, which is why you need to make sure you get maximum uptime, all the time. Even just a moment’s downtime could crash a data center and put processes at risk. 

There are a couple of key ways you can make sure the power supply to your data center doesn’t cut off:

Plan ahead and test your limits by stress-testing your server with our loadbanks (running at peak performance is a priority here!)
Invest in an off-grid power solution so that you aren’t limited by grid power (this can give you a push towards Tier 4 status) 

The important thing is to find a solution that works for you. Flexibility is key and every data center is different. For example, we can help you decide if you need a Diesel or Next Generation Gas generator. 

Digitization is here to stay in the manufacturing world and, if you want to get ahead of your competition, there’s no better time to implement it in your business. 

Ready to let digitization take you to the next level and help you stand a good chance in the heated global competition? 

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