28 Sep 2020

Aggreko Supports Team Rubicon with Equipment for Disaster Relief

Aggreko Generator used for relief effort after Hurricane Laura

August 27th, 2020 will be a day that Louisiana and Texas residents associate with destruction and devastation. It’s the day that Category 4 storm, Hurricane Laura, hit both areas with catastrophic effects.

Since then, it’s been recognized as “one of the most powerful storms in US history” (CBS News, 2020). 
Homes and businesses were torn down in a flash. The power went down for nearly one million people across Texas and Louisiana as a whole. And families were left in severe conditions, with no clear plan of action for the rebuilding of their homes.

Team Rubicon with volunteer workers gathering

Help was at Hand

At times like these, disaster relief agencies are quick to reach the affected areas, having monitored and prepared for the hurricane as much as possible. 
And Team Rubicon is among them. In essence, Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization that serves communities by mobilizing veterans to continue their service by leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond and recover from disaster and humanitarian crises.
Founded in 2010, Team Rubicon has deployed response teams across the United States and around the world to provide immediate relief to those impacted by numerous disasters and humanitarian crises.
This isn’t the first time that Aggreko and Team Rubicon have worked together. As part of our Orange Day of Difference campaign, we had volunteers join Team Rubicon’s Rebuild efforts in Houston. Our teams spent the day helping to rebuild houses affected by Hurricane Harvey.
So when Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana, Brian Calcagno, Associate Partnerships at Team Rubicon called Aggreko to see if we could help. They were on the ground and in immediate need of power. 
In Lake Charles, Louisiana, they had over 68 volunteers fulfilling requests for roof tarping, expedient home repair and chainsaw work, working in 120-degree temperatures. Likewise, and under similar circumstances, Team Rubicon had up to 25 volunteers set up in Orange County, Texas to respond.
The hurricane left much of the community without power, including Team Rubicon’s operating base. In order to continue the response, the organization needed power to run their computers, provide electricity in their billeting location and continue to run operations.   Understanding the urgency, Aggreko acted quickly to fly over a generator from California to allow the volunteers to continue to serve.
To this day, the team has: deployed over 300 volunteers to support the operation which includes conducting chainsaw operations, roof tarping, and expedient home repair, in both Lake Charles, LA and Orange County, TX.
But unfortunately, unprecedented events have resulted in a loss of financial support.

Team Rubicon volunteer worker

A decrease in donations

Most likely due to the current COVID situation, Hurricane Laura was quick to leave the mainstream news circuit. 
As a result, this significantly reduced donations to aid relief efforts that communities are still heavily relying on. 
In response, Team Rubicon has launched a “Two-Million Dollar Challenge”, issued by PXG Founder and CEO, Bob Parsons, who has committed to matching donations dollar-for-dollar, up to 2 million.
All proceeds from the "Two-Million Dollar Challenge" will allow Team Rubicon to continue serving the hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents who are still without water, power, or access to their homes, which is likely to last up to five more weeks.
Needs continue to be extensive throughout the Lake Charles and Orange County areas, with many families and businesses in dire conditions. 
And with COVID implications playing a big role in their logistics planning, the team needs the luxury of space and equipment more than ever. They are doing what they can on the ground, but having access to power, protective equipment, and handwashing facilities is going to be paramount. 
Aggreko takes great pride in playing even a small role in helping Team Rubicon get those affected back on their feet. 
Every day we help companies prepare for disasters, so it can minimize the effect on their livelihoods. When a big natural disaster strikes, such as Hurricane Laura, it’s invaluable that we use our knowledge and expertise to help those in need in any way we can. 

Do you want to help Team Rubicon provide critical services to those affected by Hurricane Laura?

Donate here and double the impact.