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160 cfm Dehumidifier

Control your moisture levels with moisture control rentals

160 cfm Dehumidifiers - High humidity levels can be rough on your business, causing condensation and corrosion to your critical operations. When critical processes are threatened due to power or temperature interruptions, trust Aggreko experts to help you recover quickly.

Key Data

  1. Category
  2. Rating
    160 cfm
  3. Frequency (Hz)
    60 Hz
  4. Min-Max Voltage 3 Ph @ 60 Hz
  5. Electric
  6. Portable


  • Desiccant capabilities from 1,000 to 10,000cfm
  • Moisture removed up to 969 gallons per day
  • Capable of reaching lower dew points than refrigerative systems
  • Fridge-drying packages also available to 30,000cfm


  • Easy manuevarability.
  • Perfect for Drying out water-damaged boats, buildings, eliminating the need to replace and reconstruct
  • Prevention of mold and fungus growth.

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