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350,000 BTU Indirect Heater

Rental Heating Equipment for Many Commercial or Industrial Applications

350,000 BTU Indirect Heater - Clean, safe and reliable portable vented heaters - wherever you need it - indoors or out. 

Key Data

  1. BTU
    350,000 BTU
  2. Fuel Type
    Propane / Natural Gas
  3. Max CFM
    2,500 CFM

Physical Data

  1. Length
    5'7" x 2'8" x 4'4"
  2. Weight (lbs.)


  • 409 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Easy switchover from propane to natural gas
  • International ETL approval
  • High efficiency burner & heat exchanger
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy mobility


  • Clean burning flame retention burner - clean air, free from moisture and contaminated fumes
  • Vented burning for safe use in confined areas
  • Independent fan and combustion air feeds ensure quick winter starts. No heated air led off for combustion or lost up the flue
  • Portable and simple to operate - all parts have easy access for quick service and routine maintenance

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