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PPE Safety Tip

PPE - Safety Tip-Hero

Head-to-Toe Protection

Hard hats—84% of employees who sustained a head injury were not wearing head protection. 

Safety glasses—90% of eye-related accidents can be avoided by wearing eye protection. 

Earplugs or muffs —99% of noise-induced hearing loss is preventable if proper hearing protection is used. 

Face guards —Only 15% of workers who are required to wear a face shield will wear one. 

Gloves including voltage-rated (rubber)—70% of hand injuries occurred because someone was not wearing gloves; the remaining 30% wore inadequate, damaged or the wrong type for the potential hazard. 

Respirators—Up to 762,000 annual cancer diagnoses stem from prolonged exposure to workplace carcinogens. 

Safety shoes —80% of foot injuries are caused by objects that weigh 30 pounds or less. 

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