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Powering the Boulevard for the Riyadh Season Closing Concert

Client: 360 Productions

Location: Boulevard Riyadh City

Sectors: Events

The Challenge

Rapid setup of power solution for full stage production for a massive concert

The Riyadh Season is a city-wide celebration in Saudi Arabia that was launched in 2019. Poised to be even bigger than the first edition, Riyadh Season 2 covered an area of over 5.4 million square meters around 14 different zones.

The closing ceremony for the season was set to be a spectacular showpiece with several events and concerts taking place around the city.

The production company in-charge of the closing ceremony concert required a significant amount of power within a short span of time - 2 MW for full stage production, including lighting, audio and video.

Avoiding production shortage and assisting with the stage build, power was a key factor to successfully completing the task for the opening of the concert.

Having worked with us on another event previously, Aggreko was the trusted partner for a show of this kind.

With temperatures reaching 30°C and sandstorms causing poor visibility for several build days, it was a complex challenge to take on for our Events’ services team.

Fact File Heading

Power provided 2MW
Units provided 3x200kVA
Sample text 4x350 kVA
Installation time 6days

The Solution

A fast approach with design, delivery and installation within a short span of time

Our engineering team assessed the full concert power, calculated the maximum power load and designed several blueprints for the layout.

Having an extensive range of equipment within our local depot in Riyadh helped our team deliver all the required units within a record span of time.

Our team of experts provided full design, transport, and installation for the 2 MW of power - along with a dedicated crew to be able to install and maintain the equipment whilst the concert was on.

We had a team of six labour crew assisting the Project Manager and two Technicians working throughout the concert.

Our engineers were stationed on site to ensure that power levels were optimised, and the operations continued smoothly throughout the concert.

The Impact

Seamless, continuous power enabling the show to go on successfully

During the event, we load shared the generators to be able to maximise the outputs and minimise the running time of the generators - enabling us to take the pressure off the client’s inhouse power requirements.

We delivered precisely on the customer’s requirements allowing the show to go on seamlessly that was watched by millions on-site and live on television.

We solved the customer’s problem within a short span of time so they could continue to run the production without having to worry about power shortages.