Client Large Scottish salmon fishery

Location Inverness, Scotland

Sectors Food and drinks

The challenge

Providing extra power to keep a salmon business growing

In a remote part of Scotland where blackouts are common, many businesses rely on generators for 24/7 power. What happens, though, when your business grows and your current power supply is no longer adequate? This was the case for a leading Scottish salmon company. Its hatchery needs round-the-clock power for the freshwater tanks where young salmon grow from parr to smolt, and its 300 kVA generator couldn’t keep up with the growing business. The company faced a dilemma: rent or buy?


Project fact file

200 kVA

Boost in power needed


Renting proved less costly


We took care of maintenance

The solution

A cost-effective generator rental with purpose-built extras

We stepped in to help the salmon hatchery solve the problem. Following a site survey, we identified that a 500 kVA generator would be needed now. The survey also revealed a few issues with the site – existing infrastructure wasn’t going to handle the extra 200 kVA too well. The problem was, the company hadn’t budgeted for an entire site upgrade. We found smart ways to solve the problem, including semi-temporary fixes and a long-term rental agreement.


the aggreko difference

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The impact

The money saved gave the hatchery room to grow

For this salmon hatchery, long-term rental was the right decision. Here’s why: renting eliminates the need for capital expenditure; it gives the flexibility to dial up or down the size of the generator, depending on the farm’s current needs; plus, we take care of equipment maintenance, freeing up the fish farm to focus on what it does best. 


“During a growth phase, renting a major asset like a generator makes solid business sense. It’s so easy to scale the system to meet your changing needs.”

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