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Efficient gas power helps manufacturing plant avoid costly outages

Client: Large plastics manufacturing company

Location: Ogun State, Nigeria

The Challenge

Provide uninterrupted power to avoid production losses

A major plastics manufacturing firm in Africa were enjoying peak demand for their wares.

With extra demand comes a need for more power, which the customer had trouble fulfilling.

The customer’s power setup involved the local grid and some diesel generators, but this was not enough to avoid incessant outages – causing the customer’s profits to plummet. Reliable, unstoppable power was exactly what they needed..

Project Fact File

Compressed natural gas 3MW
Length of project 1 year
Production losses Zero

The Solution

Cleaner natural gas power and comprehensive support

Our experts were on the case quickly and devised a solution that would provide the customer with what the needed – with extra benefits.

We suggested a power solution using CNG (compressed natural gas), which would not need a fixed gas line. All fuel would be delivered and using a virtual pipeline and our efficient gas generators would provide reassuring, reliable power to the plastics plant, with our experts on hand to take care of operations.

The Impact

Customer could maximise production once again

Our solution was rapidly deployed, thanks to the modular nature of our equipment.

The three megawatts of CNG power helped our customer get its profit margins back within sight again and our comforting technical support took care of everything else.

Better still, by using CNG, the customer also lowered their emissions.