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Mitigating environmental impact: CCED’s journey to zero flaring with Aggreko

Mitigating environmental impact: CCED’s journey to zero flaring with Aggreko

Client: CC Energy Development S.A.L

Location: Oman, Middle East

Sectors: Oil and Gas


The high environmental impact of gas flaring

CCED, an Oman-based oil & gas company that operates in Blocks 3 and 4 of the Sultanate, sought help with their operations. Producing over 30,000 bbl (barrels of crude oil) per day, CCED were committed to making sure their operations adopted innovative and greener technological practices. However, their use of gas flaring was posing an environmental challenge, hindering their transition towards more sustainable operations.

The fuel gas that was being produced was being used to fire the existing heaters. However, most of the associated gas was being flared and the power generation in the field relied mainly on diesel generator sets, which have a high cost and add to the environmental impact. With an increased focus on sustainable practices and the goal of achieving zero flaring by 2030, CCED were looking for a solution. Their aim was to decrease their carbon footprint while effectively managing their waste resources.

Fact File Heading

reduction in carbon emissions 30%
savings on TCoE US$2.5m
power utilised 33MW
goal of achieving zero flaring 2030


A transformative flare-to-power project

With a tricky job on their hands, CCED turned to Aggreko as their trusted partner. With a history of reliable knowledge and a proven track record with flare-to-power projects, we were a natural choice. Aggreko implemented a power solution aimed at converting the flared gas into greener electricity. This project revolved around the implementation of modern gas capture and conversion technologies to reduce gas flaring and convert the gas into a more sustainable power source.

This was achieved by designing, building, operating, and maintaining two independent gas power plants within the larger operational framework of Blocks 3 and 4 of Oman, utilising 33MW of power at 33kV. In addition, the flexibility of the DBOOM (design, build, own, operate and maintain) contract shielded the client from high upfront costs and negated the risks associated with operating and running power plants.


Decarbonisation and zero flaring progress

Aggreko’s solution significantly reduced gas flaring, cutting emissions by 30%. Furthermore, the flare-to-power project resulted in savings of US$2.5m on the Total Cost of Energy (TCoE). Thanks to Aggreko, CCED are contributing towards lowering Oman’s carbon footprint and combating climate change – aligning with the nation’s commitment to the Paris Agreement along with their sustainability goals.

Transforming waste gas into valuable energy brings a multitude of advantages. It not only contributes to environmental conservation, but also underlines CCED’s dedication to sustainable energy practices. Additionally, it reaffirms Oman’s resolve to incorporate pioneering technology within the oil and gas sector.