Produce off-grid power to remote desert location

The Sahara desert isn’t the ideal work location, but a new oil pumping station was being constructed there – and lack of a regular power supply was a major obstacle in ensuring work continued.

With average temperatures around the 30-50°C, any equipment would have to be robust and thoroughly tested. The location was remote, so a connection to a grid would not be possible. Reliable, constant power was the answer, but the customer needed a partner who had experience in the sector – as well as working in extreme conditions.

Project fact file

4 MW

Power supplied to site

24 Hour

On-site support

30° C

Average temperature of Sahara


Teamwork, local recruitment and mobile, modular power

Aggreko were chosen to deliver this power solution. Why? With our mobile, modular equipment it makes logistics much easier. Our experience in providing bespoke packages to all corners of the globe for our customers also means we can deal with many challenging locations.

We worked closely with other contractors on the project and devised, mobilised, installed and commissioned a 4 MW / 5.5 kV power package – ahead of schedule.

Making sure no stone was left unturned, as part of our partnership with the customer we provided round-the-clock support on-site and included recruiting and training local employees, which boosted the local economy.


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Oil pump station commissioned and on schedule

Despite the aggressive heat, the remote location and the time constraints to deliver the power, we ticked every box and made sure our customer had exactly what they needed to progress their project.

With their schedules met and a healthy quota of local employees, the oil pumping station was on target and also benefitting the local community. Not only that, but the reliable power we provided is ensuring production at the oil pump.

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