HVAC solutions to counter viral spread

If people gather in enclosed spaces of any size, ventilation must be a cornerstone of your Covid-19 response.

Simply put, any business or facility that takes the health and safety of staff, customers and partners seriously needs a robust plan for supplying clean, filtered air.

… and that’s where Aggreko comes in. 


Expertly Engineered Ventilation Systems

When it comes to clean air, it is best handled by experts who can guarantee the cleanest air - and safety. You need professionally designed and mechanically engineered systems, installed and implemented fast. 

That's where we come in. We have the mobile, modular equipment and expertise to provide the perfect solution for your workspace and workforce. 

As always, our solutions come with dedicated maintenance and round-the-clock, remote monitoring for all our equipment. Plus, our world-class fleet of rental units means there’s no need for capital investment.

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