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Protect your power system with industrial electric switchgear

Our electric switchgear power systems deliver dependable, high-performance power distribution

Electric switchgear systems

Switchgear power systems on an industrial scale

Electrical switchgear is key for any power system, offering protection, isolation and control. At Aggreko, we provide an exhaustive switchgear range to suit everything from the smallest projects to large-scale industrial control rooms.

Working closely with you, we’ll recommend the right switchgear solutions for your electrical distribution system - whether that’s low voltage, high voltage or anywhere in between. All supported by our specialist knowledge and deep industry expertise.

Other related product categories

Generator switchgear

Supporting your industrial electrical distribution system

Crucially, choosing Aggreko for your electrical switchgear guarantees precise matching with our generator and other electrical products and services. From complete switchgear power systems to isolators, circuit breakers, relays and more, everything is designed to work in harmony.
So you can take control of your operations, eliminate unexpected downtime, and maximise plant performance.